Dan, We understand that you’re pushing yourself but you just need to relax and try not to strain your voice. We all understand and we don’t want you to be kicking yourself about it. It hurts us as stormers to see you annoyed and straining yourself.

We love you Dan.

dan, please, if it hurts, stop.  Just take a little break.  We all love the dedication you have, but we also want you to be comfortable and not in pain.

this exact thing happened to nathan sykes from the wanted. but it got so bad he had to get surgery done on his throat. keep in mind, he had to get surgery done bc his condition was not that much worse than what dan’s is like. and also nathan said after the surgery that if that had failed or gone badly wrong that was his singing career down the drain. i really hope dan’s throat doesn’t get any worse bc i don’t want dan to have to get surgery done bc what if it goes wrong? that’s dan’s singing career down the drain. and then what would happen to bastille? i’m hoping and praying dan’s throat gets better soon.

Sweetie be careful, we all care more about you being careful and safe rather than you being in pain. Take a break and you’ll be probably in much better and healthier shape!

stay safe babe