I went to a concert yesterday, and you know what that means: AN UNNECESSARY LONG POST ABOUT A CONCERT!

Okay so I got at the venue at 3:30ish and got in line. I met two girls, Abby and Claire, who were hella cool and let me stick with them for the rest of the night because I went alone. the first 40 or 50 people or so got a wristband to be in the pit, myself being one of them. I got second row pretty much center stage. Bastille is honestly one of the best bands I’ve ever seen preform. They were great, and I recorded a majority of the concert if any of you guys are interested in seeing some videos, I took at least a clip of all of the songs they did. The set list was:

  1. Things We Lost in the Fire
  2. The Weight of Living
  3. Laura Palmer
  4. Laughter Lines
  5. Bad Blood
  6. A new song which name I did not catch :P
  7. Overjoyed
  8. Poet
  9. These Streets
  10. A little bit of Skulls
  11. The Silence
  12. Oblivion
  13. No Angels
  14. Icarus
  15. Draw
  16. Flaws
  17. (Encore) Get Home
  18. Rhythm of the Night
  19. Pompeii

If you want to see any of the videos, I can’t guarantee that there will not be any terrible singing from my sick voice or me freaking out in the beginning of the video lol

Anyway, after the concert I got the 2014 tour shirt ($35), and then Claire, Abby, and I headed to the back of the venue where the tour buses were. We started to wait at around 10:50/11:00. The crowd was pretty big but thinned out as time passed on and it got colder (it was probably below freezing with wind chill) At 2:00 AM they came out, Kyle came to our area first. I gave him his gift, which was a shirt that I made that had Dan’s, Will’s, and Woody’s face on one of the Twin Peak girls heads from the Rolling Stone cover. He thought it was hilarious and tucked it into his shirt (which is why you will see him with it in his shirt in other pictures lol (including mine) I got a picture on my instax but I think the weather messed up the back of film because all the pictures were destroyed, the ones after the one I took with Kyle were even worse. Will and Woody each a shirt but one without their faces on it (does that make sense???) Woody pointed out my scarf saying, “Hey that’s Dan’s scarf!”, and Will was absolutely hammered; I loved it. Finally, Dan came to our area last. When he came up to me he apologized for having us wait in the cold, he then pointed to my scarf (again lol) and I said, “Where’s your scarf! I wanted to take a picture with our matching scarves.” and he said, “I left it in England! I didn’t expect it to be this cold!” Which I jokingly said “You had one job, dan!” he then took my ticket and started to sign it so I jokingly said “Wow, you’re just gonna assume I want you to sign my ticket? Rude” and he laughed and said “Well fuck you!” haha I then told him my little “sob story” I told the other three, about not being able to give him the shirt last year because they hadn’t come out like he promised, and Dan told me “You know what happened? Alt-J and I went downstairs to the basement swimming pool [at the rave] and got hammered and then I passed out.” (paraphrasing) I showed him the shirt and, not surprisingly, he was the only one out of the four to know where the picture was from. He said “I love the original picture, and I love this shirt.” He came in for the hug and kissed me on the cheek, I then got a picture with him, said thank you for the picture and the kiss and got another kiss on the cheek for a picture.

So yeah that was all a thing that happened.

Aww that’s amazing! You’re so lucky and the photos are really great!